jonathan kraayeveld


bye bye pet

Graphic design (logo, package, manual) and extra brain for ‘ByeByePet’.

“Pets are not just our furrier family members; they provide warmth, life, and unconditional love. Children respond in kind, which is why the death of a beloved pet is such a heartbreaking event. This is often a child’s first contact with death, and celebrating the rituals that help us say good-bye can help a child understand that life is to be cherished because it does not last forever.”

The last journey of a pet, ByeByePet is a project to help children cope with loss. A winning concept in the dutch ‘HEMA design award’ and appeared in several design-magazine’s. Launched soon in the United States by Dutch Design lovers OOTS, a design by Toon Welling.
To be continued…